About Me

picHi! My name is Amanda Hobby and I am a move-oholic. I loooove movies. From the time I was dug up out of the cabbage patch, movies abided in my roots. Beginning with the first movie I ever saw in theaters (Mulan), this medium enchanted me. I mean sure, every vertigothree-year old’s attention can be caught by bright colors and flashing lights, but for me it was different. I wanted to know more about the motion pictures and where those flashing lights actually came from. My mother tells me I didn’t stop talking for weeks after the movie. From then on, I was obsessed with film. This interest became a passion when I watched the movie Vertigo; the first classic movie I ever sat down and watched on my own. I remember watching it that first night at least three times. The complexity of the plot riveted me. The ending amazed and terrified me. Because of this movie, I started looking the deeper meaning in movies. I wanted to find the motifs and understand underlying themes the directors were trying to convey. So when my English teacher gave me the opportunity to choose what I wanted to blog about, I knew it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


I also could not pass up on the opportunity to shed some light on the important issue of feminism. Though many people do not realize it, women around the world (even in a modern country like the United States) are being oppressed and restrained bysociety. I would dare to say that this problem is a silent epidemic. Many people (both men and women)are unaware that feminism is dying cause. By reading my blog,  I hope that I can bring my voice to the public’s attention as I show the connection of feminisim and how it is affected by the industry that I love so much. I also hope that by reading my page that you will begin to look at movies with semiotic eye and create your own ideas. Soon you will be able to see how the movies of today are guided by invisible hand that is society that changes how you view the world and its people. And just maybe, you will fall in love with film that promotes gender equality too.gen =



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