Digital Essay Reflection


This essay was one the most difficult and interesting to write. I enjoyed the challenge of adding digital aspects to my essay. Although a lot of my original ideas did not work, Prezi ended up being exactly what I needed. My goal was to use these digital elements to enhance my writing. I tried to find specific instances in each of the three respective films I referenced so that even someone who had not seen the film would understand my argument. Although I was not able to incorporate the gifs I made as moving pictures and few other elements I originally wanted, I feel that overall I succeeded in entertainingly digitizing my essay.

The evidence of my success can be seen throughout my Prezi. I choose the picture of a mountain to show how I feel feminism was on the right path until after the decade of 1980. From there I placed modern feminism at a new time low on the other side of the mountain. To show that I believe feminism can be brought back, I used a bouncing ball animation to bounce the future back up at the top. I feel like this visual element is a perfect representation of the history of feminism and the current struggle to revive the movement. I feel that the pictures as well as the movie clips helps give my audience a sense for the time period I am describing in the slide.

There are a few parts of my essay that I am unsure about. At the top of the mountain, I had a once sentence ender to describe my goal for the future represented as a flag on the peak. I do not know if I want to leave this in my final draft. The slide was already there on the template so I just added my sentence in there. I may go back and add a new conclusion. The “Note for the future” slide is supposed to serve as my conclusion, but I feel like it almost is another body paragraph on it’s on in this digital format. Another struggle I had writing this essay was trying to decide how much was too much. I did not want to add too many digital elements to my paper but at the same time I want it to look like more than just a Prezi slide presentation.

I believe that I achieved everything I set out on this essay. Even with a few bumps in the road, I feel that my essay will be perfect after some critique.


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