Semiotic Reflection

My goal with this essay was to address how film influences and is influenced by the popular culture of a time period. Typically my writing explains the connection between movies and present time, so it was interesting researching the popular culture of my grandparents. It gave me a better sense of how films and society are intertwined. I believe I achieved my goal by comparing the Disney character Cinderella to the ideal women stereotypes of the 1950’s.

The evidence of my success in the essay is in the topic sentences of my body paragraphs. I found an article that described the ideal woman. It listed four major stereotypes of the era and explained how they related to women in the society. I then took these points and compared them to Cinderella and young girls of 1950’s America. The points connected perfect, and the movie proved to be a good representation of the era.

I struggled researching information for the paper. I wanted to use Galileo search engines to find my research but many of the articles were not relatable to the movie. I finally found a couple articles I liked. Then I had to read through them all until I found the information I wanted to include in the paper. Overall the research was not too difficult and the topic was really fun to write about.


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