Ellen Page; The Ideal Modern Feminist

More women should be like Ellen Page. Though she is an actress working in the restrictive field of film, she is not afraid to be speak her mind. She depicts the ideal modern feminist.


After an interview with Ellen Page, Hadley Freeman wrote the article “Why are people so reluctant to say they’re feminists?”. Throughout the article Page explains why she is a feminist and why the women of Hollywood are scared to take on such a label. Freeman asks all of the hard-hitting feminine questions from Plan B to radicalization of the word “feminism”. Page fires back to these questions in both this interview and social media with answers that should make everyone think.

During the political debate as to whether Plan B should be over the counter she tweeted out “So u r super mad about a 15 yr old girl being able to prevent pregnancy BUT you want everyone to have guns no questions asked? U funny!”. Most celebrities shy away from major politics in fear of alienating their paying audience, but not Page. She is in complete control of her twitter account in a world where many celebrities give over the reins of social media to their handlers. She even writes her posts in the slang propose popularly used by teenagers. She is the voice to which the generation should be listening.

ellen page tweet 2

When she received backlash from fellow tweeters, she responded to them head on rather than ignoring the messages. In a world where many celebrities have lost touch with the world outside of Los Angeles, Page has found a voice. This makes her an influential feminist figure in itself. “Powerful” women like Beyoncé who created her album “Flawless” on the virtue of empowering women still shy away from accepting feminism.

Ellen Page not only embraces feminism she thinks it is crazy more women don’t. In her interview she asks the question “how could it be any more obvious that we still live in a patriarchal world when feminism is a bad word?” With such insightful words, Page is one of the few actresses to acknowledge that not only has the feminist movement died: it’s become resented. Many refuse to see just how male-dominated the United States is.

The article throws out 23% as the percentage of women in speaking roles on screen. Even if this number were to double, women would not be tied to for time on-screen with their male counterparts. The fact that Page is willing to call these number out as a problem so just how invested she is in feminism.

ellen page tweet 1

Many people are not willing to admit that current times have not been progressive towards the betterment of women. Page is not one of those people. No matter who criticises, judges, or argues, Ellen Page will continue to speak her mind and this is what a modern day feminist role should be like.


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