Katniss: Feminist Trail Blazer

Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, is blazing a trail for women. Often major franchises are afraid to cast female leads in females as part of the notion that boys don’t want to see girl movies. Recently the Hunger Games franchises has put to bed this crazy idea, and it is all thanks to the female character Katniss.

katniss girl on fire gif

Katniss is a symbol of being independent. In the beginning of the move The Hunger Games, she gets up every morning to hunt for her own food. Her extra game is sold to bring more income into her household. She is the breadwinner and, often times, head of the household. This represents women in a unique light. In past centuries, women were expected to “seen but not heard.” They were expected to follow the leadership of men and provide a subservient role. Katniss is teaching young girls that you do not need a man in your life. Anyone can be independent and powerful. This is not message often shared with females throughout the world. There many other that morals for which Katniss stands.kat leader

She is also a symbol of love and devotion. When her sister is picked to be a part of the lethal Hunger Games, Katniss is quick to take her place. She would rather die than watch her loved ones be put in harm. Not many people realize how big of an achievement this is women. How many times has Disney implanted into out heads the idea that we need a prince to save a damsel in distress? Katniss does not need a knight to sweep her off her feet and carry her away from danger, she goes head first into dangerous situations. Major of the time, it is Katniss saving the lives of her male counter parts. She is demonstrating that women are capable of more than just finding a man to protect them. Women can be valuable assets to a team of workers and even have the ability to lead the group. Being in love does not keep you from achieving your goals.kat saves pet

Katniss, is bringing a new age to feminism. Women are not some meek creatures who are second to men. Film characters like Katniss are showing the world that women are powerful and effect.

Article: http://guardianlv.com/2014/04/katniss-everdeen-is-positive-for-feminism/


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