Welcome to my blog. You are at the point of no return. Just like in the movie Matrix, you can take the blue pill (or in this case click the “X” button in your top right corner) if you want to continue to stay blissfully unaware. If you choose the path of the red pill, you should continue at your own risk. Ok! Well if you’re still reading this, you must have chosen to continue. Good! I need curious readers who are willing to suspend their own perceptions of reality and accept my proposition. What if the movies of today are governed by an invisible force? One the general populous is unaware of? Yes, popular culture has stepped in and etched its way into the movies we hold near and dear to our hearts. But is that always a bad thing? It depends. Here on this blog, I will make you a promise. I will write with my true, honest opinion. Your job is to look at movies from here on out with a new critical eye. Look at what is beyond the surface. Come with me as we journey down the rabbit hole.

As you make your way down, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. This represents an ideal world where all people are no longer under the control of the big machine known as The Movie Industry. Currently both on and off screen, the movie industry has allowed for the perpetual degradation of the characters of women. This killer machine has also tried to put an end to progression of the Women’s rights movement. People who take the red pill have the power in their pocketbooks to shape billions of dollars just by choosing films  for which they buy tickets. Together we can raise awareness and wake the rest of the sleeping masses.





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